Investing in the development of social and emotional skills that lead to better prospects for children from low-income families in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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Who We Are
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Too many children from low-income families are not gaining the skills they need to achieve educationally and break the cycle of poverty. This challenge is especially stark in Bridgeport, Connecticut—the largest and lowest performing district in the state with the widest achievement gap.

"The Tauck Family Foundation's commitment to investing in organizations and their capacity to develop and monitor skills like self-control and persistence in low-income elementary students is on the cutting edge of philanthropy." -Angela Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania


We aim to strengthen the capacity of non-profits to drive towards better social and emotional outcomes for the young people they serve.

Our vision is that Bridgeport children will cultivate the skills they need to succeed in their education, break the cycle of poverty, and reach their full potential.

We will help our investees build their capacity by developing theories of change, performance management systems, and program effectiveness.

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  • SOCIAL INVESTING: We are focused on strengthening our non-profit investees over time by helping them build their capacity to manage to better outcomes.

  • SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING: We are focused on helping organizations develop, measure, and monitor social and emotional skills that lead to better prospects for low-income children.

  • ELEMENTARY STUDENTS: We are focused on building the skills of low-income elementary students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.

  • BRIDGEPORT, CT: We are focusing our resources on organizations serving low-income children in one city: Bridgeport, Connecticut.

“What matters most is whether we are able to help a child develop a very different set of qualities, a list that includes persistence, self-control, curiosity, conscientiousness, grit, and self confidence.” Paul Tough, Author

The Outcomes Management Self Assessment Tool (OMSAT) helps non-profits assess their capacity to manage to their outcomes over time.


We are pleased to announce our first portfolio of non-profit investees. Congratulations to these four outstanding organizations!


We will hold ourselves accountable for two sets of outcomes: the organizational capacity of non-profits and the social and emotional capacity of the children they serve.

We worked with the non-profit research firm, Child Trends, to select five SEL skills, and are now developing an instrument that our investees can use to measure and monitor them.

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