Why Family Engagement?

In order for social and emotional efforts to be successful, families must be meaningfully engaged as partners in this work.

Parents and families are critical partners in helping their children develop social and emotional competencies. And they can be important advocates for SEL at school and beyond.

Research has shown that children whose parents are more involved in their education have higher rates of attendance, homework completion, and school completion, as well as elevated grades and test scores. Family involvement also facilitates children’s cognitive, social, and emotional functioning and has been linked to increased selfesteem, improved behavior, and more positive attitudes toward school.

Parental involvement continues to be important even as children mature. For example, research has shown that adolescents are less likely to engage in high-risk behaviors when they perceive a strong connection between their home and school.

In sum, when educators and parents work together as partners, they create important opportunities for children to develop social, emotional, and academic competencies.

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