Why Social Investing and Performance Management?

As social investors, we seek to use Tauck Family Foundation’s resources in an intentional way that will hopefully produce measurable social value for Bridgeport children.

Effective social investing requires the following, all of which we have built into our new direction:

  • a strategy for selecting areas in which to invest;
  • allocating resources to create, strengthen, or grow organizational capacities that can be relied on to deliver intended results for intended beneficiaries;
  • transactional transparency;
  • monitoring performance and adjusting operations to drive intended results; and
  • a clear accountability framework in which both the Foundation and the funded organizations understand their respective responsibilities and deliverables. 

Our focus will be on helping organizations develop their capacity to manage their own performance and outcomes. Performance management is a focus in the non-profit sector that is gaining steam and being utilized by the highest performing organizations. For an excellent review of the importance of non-profit performance management, see Mario Marino's 2012 book, Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity. Increasingly, organizations want to manage their own performance in order to realize their missions more effectively, but they may also need the technical expertise and operational capacity to create theories of change and performance management systems to do it well. For this reason, the Tauck Family Foundation will provide our investees with tailored capacity-building support by expert consultants and advisors.

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