Investing in in organizations and initiatives that equip the children of Bridgeport, Connecticut with the necessary social and emotional skills to thrive academically and in life


Since educational attainment is the one predictable way for young people from low-income families to break the cycle of poverty, we know that Bridgeport children’s performance in school is critical to their long-term success.

High-quality research suggests that children who persist in their educations may have cultivated certain social and emotional skills that boost their ability to do well in school. These skills—including self-control, persistence, mastery orientation, academic self-efficacy, and social competence—are as critical to children’s development and long-term success as high-quality academic instruction; without these essential skills, children struggle educationally and the achievement gap persists.

Despite this evidence, there have been few focused efforts to help organizations manage their performance in measuring and monitoring these skills or to close the achievement gap by building these skills and improving the odds of long-term success for children from low-income families.

The Tauck Family Foundation invests in strengthening the capacity of organizations who work with children from low-income families in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to build the social and emotional skills necessary to regulate their emotions effectively; persist toward their goals; learn for the sake of learning; connect and work well with their peers; believe that they are capable of achieving academically; and ultimately change the statistics for themselves and their families. 

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