Here are some of the most frequently asked questions posed to the Tauck Family Foundation. For any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

1. Why did the Tauck Family Foundation change its grantmaking?

The Tauck Family Foundation’s Board of Directors began undertaking a review of our programs and grantmaking in 2011. In an effort to create measurable social value and strengthen our non-profit grantees, the Board of Directors voted to redirect our efforts and resources into a new social investment strategy. For more on our focus and why we chose our new mission, see our Approach page.

2. Will the Tauck Family Foundation still be making grants in the New Haven County, CT, Monroe County, NY, King County, WA, or Kitsap County, WA areas?

While we have appreciated the opportunity to fund many wonderful organizations making a difference for children and youth, the Tauck Family Foundation will no longer fund youth development programs in these communities. After 2012, our efforts will be focused exclusively on organizations serving elementary school students from low-income families in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

3. Will Sparks, the foundation’s middle-school student travel program, still be a program of the foundation?

After 2012, the Sparks program will no longer be a program of the Tauck Family Foundation. We are grateful to the seven organizations who implemented the Sparks program over the previous seven years, benefiting hundreds of middle school children in Connecticut and New York. As of 2013, resources previously allocated to Sparks will be used to support the foundation’s new mission and strategy. We will, however, be honoring the $1,000 college scholarship pledged to 100 Sparks alumni who completed all three curriculums. If you are one of these students who has a pledge letter from the foundation and you are planning to enroll in college within two years of your high school graduation, please contact Mirellise Vazquez, Executive Director.

4. Whom do I contact if I want to learn more about the Tauck Family Foundation’s investment strategy or to find out if my organization may be eligible for a grant?

First, we invite you to please read our eligibility criteria and RFP. If questions remain, feel free to contact our Executive Director, Mirellise Vazquez at mirellise@tauckfoundation.org or 203-899-6824.

5. How are Tauck Inc. and the Tauck Family Foundation related?

Tauck Inc. is a global travel company owned and operated by four of Arthur Tauck Jr.’s adult children, all of whom are also involved with the Tauck Family Foundation. For more information on Tauck Inc., please visit www.tauck.com.

The Tauck Family Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation, led by a board comprised of three generations of Tauck family members, including Arthur Tauck Jr., his children and their spouses, and his grandchildren and stepchildren.

While both are family endeavors, each is a separately managed, independent entity.

6. How is Tauck Inc.’s World of Giving Program related to the Tauck Family Foundation?

Tauck Inc.’s corporate social responsibility program, World of Giving, is committed to affecting change and making a difference in Tauck Inc.’s local community and in places they travel around the world. For more information on Tauck Inc.’s World of Giving program, please visit www.tauck.com/home/worldofgiving.

Tauck Inc.’s World of Giving program is completely separate from the Tauck Family Foundation.