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The Tauck Family Foundation invests in organizations and initiatives committed to equipping the children of Bridgeport, Connecticut with the necessary social and emotional skills to thrive academically and in life.

In 2012, the Tauck Family Foundation’s Board of Directors adopted a new strategy aimed at investing long-term in organizations committed to Bridgeport’s children.

In 2013, we selected a small portfolio of nonprofit organizations and are investing in strengthening each organization’s organizational outcomes and performance management capacity, to specifically cultivate, measure, and monitor the social and emotional skills of their students.

From 2013 to 2018, investees have made significant progress in their own organizational capacity, particularly in the areas of outcomes-focused management and implementing high-quality social and emotional learning strategies.

As we embark on selecting our 2018-2023 investee cohort, we look forward to partnering with organizations and initiatives that will continue the important SEL work that is well underway in Bridgeport. Please read our Social Investing Guidelines to learn more about the structure of our investments, the results we seek, our investment approach, and our expectations for and requirements of our investees.