Outcomes Management Self Assessment Tool (OMSAT)

Our due diligence process includes an organizational self-assessment that gives applying organizations a detailed picture of their capacity to produce social value and create better outcomes for the children they serve.

The 30-question Outcomes Management Self-Assessment Tool (OMSAT), produced by Hunter Consulting for the Tauck Family Foundation, is an instrument that yields valuable information to guide organizations in their ongoing efforts to improve program quality and effectiveness. We believe this tool will add value, even to those organizations that we do not end up selecting for our first portfolio, and we use it as part of our due diligence process and also to assess the effectiveness of our capacity-building investments over time. For more on how we select  and help strengthen organizations using the Performance Domains on the OMSAT, see our Selection Criteria and intended Organizational Outcomes.

Organizations that submit an Eligibility Inquiry and meet Tauck Family Foundation’s eligibility guidelines will be invited to complete the OMSAT free of charge (it is normally a nominal $100), and submit it along with their narrative proposal. Although the Tauck Family Foundation uses the OMSAT in its selection process, we do not expect that all applying organizations will score highly on every question of the self-assessment, or, more globally, on all of the performance domains and corresponding indicators. Instead, we intend to tailor our capacity building support and ongoing portfolio management to help each investee develop in ways that address their particular strengths and needs organizationally. The OMSAT, and its sister tool the OMET (Organizational Capacity External Analysts Tool), bring these strengths and needs to light.

Because we believe this instrument could serve as a helpful management tool for non-profit organizations interested in developing their capacity for outcomes management, we encourage organizations that are not selected as part of our portfolio, as well as those that are not within our current programmatic or geographic scope, to complete the tool.

Links to the OMSAT and the OMET produced by Hunter Consulting can be found in the Reports & Tools section of our website.