Strengthening the Organizational Capacity of Non-Profits

Organizational Outcomes

The Tauck Family Foundation seeks to partner with non-profit organizations and initiatives that are driven by achieving rigorous results for the children of Bridgeport and to invest in developing each investee’s capacity to drive towards the following organizational outcomes:

Strategic Leadership and Planning

We invest in developing outstanding organizational leaders (executive and Board) to stay focused on the core mission, maintain management practices that promote quality, drive program effectiveness, hold staff and managers accountable for results, and ensure financial health and sustainability. The Foundation supports its investees to develop or re-invest in strong missions with clear target populations, operational theories of change, and executable goals.

Outcomes-Focused Management

We invest in supporting organizations to develop and maintain clear performance standards, and agreed-upon outcome measurements, that they monitor and use to understand and improve staff performance. The Foundation supports organizations to develop sufficient depth so that managers have the appropriate scope and scale of authority to ensure that front line staff deliver services at high levels of performance.

Performance Management

We invest in supporting organizations to monitor and utilize data in managing their performance for continuous improvement purposes, so that they can drive towards better outcomes for the children and other stakeholders they serve. This means developing systems for both day-to-day and strategic data interpretation and use.

Program Quality, Fidelity, and Effectiveness

We invest in ensuring that each organization has a strategic, structured programming approach, a culture that values learning, clear implementation and performance standards, systematic methods to measure implementation and performance standards, a responsive approach to progress monitoring, and can be relied on to deliver services at high levels of quality and fidelity. We work with organizations to align core programming around elements that research has shown are effective in children’s achievement of social and emotional outcomes.

We partner with investees to create mutually agreed-upon organizational benchmarks and to create a plan for strengthening each investee's organizational outcomes. In order to monitor the development of these organizational outcomes, we use the Impact Capacity Assessment Tool (iCAT), a self-assessment tool developed by Algorythm; for a description of this tool please see the Apply or Reports & Tools section of our website. By using the iCAT, and through regularly scheduled check-in meetings and targeted capacity-building support, we support our investees to strengthen their capacity to manage their own performance. 

While we understand that it may take three to five years for some investees to be able to demonstrate significant Child Outcomes in relation to the development and monitoring of social and emotional skills, we expect that they will begin to improve their Organizational Outcomes within the first or second year of investment.

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