"New Beginnings Family Academy is encouragement because this school pushes you. It pushes you to both higher learning skills and higher learning empowerment." NBFA Student


New Beginnings Family Academy (NBFA), a public charter school in Bridgeport, CT, provides PreK to 8th grade students a meaningful, high-quality education through experience-based learning that helps develop essential social, emotional and critical-thinking skills. Through a shared vision of progressive education, NBFA equips students to be creative, collaborative, deep thinkers, and problem solvers with the social, emotional, and intellectual wherewithal for sustained success in the global community.

NBFA is committed to being a leader in progressive pedagogy – meaningful, student-driven instruction that supports children in identifying their interests while mastering key skills – in an emotionally responsive environment, sharing best practices with urban districts throughout the state and nation. Learn more.

New Beginnings Family Academy: At a Glance

Grades served: Pre-K through 8

Number of total students served: 499

Geographic area: Bridgeport-wide (blind lottery)

Percentage of students eligible for free or reduced lunch: 93%

Tauck Family Foundation Investment



In 2013-2018, Tauck Family Foundation's investments in New Beginnings Family Academy included:


1. Annual general operating support.


2. Capacity building support, as follows:

  • The opportunity for NBFA's board and staff to participate in workshops focused on refining Mission, Strategy, and Theory of Change;
  • Performance management assessment, software, and implementation consultation;
  • Training for teachers and staff aimed at integrating social and emotional learning curricula and programming into the school's practices; and
  • Support to measure and monitor social and emotional skills in a performance management setting.